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Connected to all the tools you need


To simplify the retrieval of all your data and the management of your business, ubidata connects to all the tools you use.



No matter which software systems you work with in your supply chain, the ubidata platform enables you to link these systems, transfer or extract data that will enable each of these systems to do its job.

Through partnerships with system providersTMS, WMS, ERP, telematics and IOT,users continue to use their existing, familiar applications, eliminating the need for additional training for another application or system.

ubidata offers data exchange protocols between systems (rest API), master data integration processes that are totally transparent for the end user!


Want to focus more on your core tasks? You plan to outsource some of yourbusiness process?

ubidata supports scanning and storing data and documents.

These documents can then be consulted on a web portal, and can also be downloaded or automatically sent to your computer servers.

I want to know more!

I would like to have a discussion to see if ubidata can meet my needs....

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