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Fleet Tracking Software

Eight features logistic companies must have in their advanced track and trace software

1. Real-time assets tracking 2. Simplified but powerful analytics 3. BI Reporting - Strategic decisions help 4. Complex transportation network management 5. Cargo management performance 6. Advanced and multiple purpose sensors 7. eCMR and other Digital transportation documents 8. Digital Checklist- Proactive dealing with fleet maintenance

Real-time assets tracking

If you are running a business with many logistics activities, you understand how challenging it is to keep track of your vehicle, the goods you transport, the trailer you parked on the road, the new driver you just hired, etc.

A real-time asset tracking system will make this process easier by providing accurate information about your asset's location at any given time.

The real-time asset tracking solution has simplified fleet managers' day-to-day activities thanks to the benefits like increased productivity, modernized logistic operations, and real-time information.

Ubidata uses advanced technology solutions to ensure you can track and monitor your assets 24/7.

We help you improve your business productivity and utilization with real-time asset tracking and management of trucks, trailers, containers, wagons, and other commercial transports.

Simplified but powerful analytics

Supply chain traceability

Supply chain traceability has become a crucial factor for companies in times of globalization and consumer satisfaction.

Modernized track-and-trace technologies are essential tools to enhance supply chain visibility.

But the fact which logistic companies should know that track-and-trace technologies would not provide a best practice solution without powerful and advanced analytics. So it makes sense to go the extra mile with improving your fleet management process.

Ubidata's advanced technology and powerful analytics can smarten up your commercial transportation and enable better performance and values for logistic businesses.

Data analytics

Here are some reasons why advanced data analytics technology makes an intelligent choice and entirely worthwhile for your logistics business.

  • Reduced risk of human error

  • Fuel maintenance and more thoughtful resource planning

  • Increase business performance, decrease reaction time in case of problems, enable proper decisions

  • Timely repairing and maintenance of transportations

  • Reduce your operating and maintenance costs

  • Ensure driver safety and streamline your business processes

  • Satisfy your clients with transparent and relevant information about the delivery

  • BI Reporting- Strategic decisions help

Business Intelligence

The transport and logistic world is transforming rapidly.

As technology continues to emerge, more and more data is getting generated, and it's nearly impossible for humans to see and process every moment.

However, business intelligence, or BI-based technology, can help businesses meet the challenges.

It becomes essential for fleet managers to adopt advanced technologies and turn to BI to sustain themselves in the highly competitive and evolving world. BI-based technology helps streamline the job of any fleet manager by gradually eliminating human error from the transportation process and making business operations smoother.

BI technologies can handle large amounts of structured and sometimes unstructured data to help identify, develop, and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities. They aim to allow for the straightforward interpretation of these big data. Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

Complex transportation network management

The transportation management system plays a central role in every logistic business, affecting every part of the process, from planning, procurement to supply chain implementation.

A powerful transportation management system with deep data accuracy supports logistic businesses in solving the complexity of their shipment, leading to more efficient transportation planning and execution, resulting from taking the right business decisions and helping companies grow.

Ubidata's technology helps businesses to plan, execute, and optimize the real-time movement of goods and transportation. Our track and trace system enables you to ensure that your shipment is compliant and proper documentation is available. Our Track and trace solutions adapt to the unique requirements of your logistic. Our platform can operate more complex transportation processes in the most sophisticated way and allows for tracking & tracing the shipments with just one click.

Cargo management performance

Our Commitment - The right information at the right time

Cargo management is a big umbrella covering many aspects, starting from route planning, fixing and adjustment, planning and controlling vehicle's travel times, freight scheduling and management, and the coordination of returned empty Containers.

It's the management of literally everything from when the goods leave the warehouse until they arrive at the doorstep. And, management continues even after dispatching the goods.

There are so many ways to have the best Cargo management performance in your logistic business;

Ensuring organization departments, transportation management systems (TMS), and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) to incorporate and streamline with the help of track and trace IT support system

  • Accurate and real-time tracking IT system

  • Data collection: real-time route tracking and means to gather insights about more productive operation management

  • Driver management: Ensuring the goods and shipping and necessary documents are compliant with government laws.

  • Advanced and multi-purpose sensors

It's becoming more critical for transportation businesses to find the right actions to reduce overhead costs while performing smooth delivery services.

Therefore, advanced smart sensors are essential for transport companies to make effective and adequate business decisions.

Ubidata offers advanced sensors like fuel sensors, temperature tracking sensors (wired and wireless), and door sensors that protect against costly events like fraud and accidents. The related

Operations & productivity

Ubidata track and trace solutions assist transportation companies to increase operational productivity, lowering fuel and maintenance costs, protect against costly events like fraud or freight waste, and make better scheduling and planning decisions that help to obtain the right business decisions.

eCMR and other digital transportation documents

Much easier operational management and invoicing

The electronic consignment note or eCMR is experiencing strong growth in the transport or supply chain industry. eCMR allows significant values over the paper version of the consignment. The eCMR is a lot more than just transportation documents. It allows you to monitor goods being delivered and the entities in real-time and more transparent.

It enables clear communication in logistics, transparency between the different players, and improves business efficiency and quality of the supply chain management.

  • Real-time proof of delivery available - Fast, error-free, and correct time delivery.

  • Easy Sharing: Easy to share electronic consignment notes directly with all parties involved in the supply chain.

  • Cost-effective - Handling costs can be up to four times less expensive.

  • Faster administration work- Reduced manual data entry work, no paper handling, no fax/scan/letter transfers, etc.

  • Secure documents

  • Greater transparency

  • Data accuracy

  • Control and monitoring of the shipment etc.

  • Digital Checklist - Proactive dealing with fleet maintenance

Safety & proactive maintenance

It's easy to fall out of step with how safe your commercial transport may be. Fortunately, Ubidata fleet management software can roll through these issues and tick them off, one by one, before initiating the transportation.

Thanks to our digital checklist software, everything from brakes, vehicle tire pressure, documents, maintenance, etc. can be looked over. Digital Checklist software benefits reduce reporting expenses on your transport fleet and equipment and improve goods, transport, and driver's safety.

When considering moving away from the paper-based transport, equipment checklists, inspections, or maintaining an existing vehicle and equipment checklist, a fleet manager must consider some necessary elements.

Custom checklist form: Before starting the distribution, Update daily pre-start checks and roll them out in real-time with fully customizable digital forms. Picture/ Image Capture: Checklist software with the capacity to share pictures can save time and money. The feature allows sharing valuable information that may not be described in writing. Digital Inspection Reporting: The digital checklist software can manage and optimize drivers' time and maintenance time. You can easily access the full report of the inspection.


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