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Meet with Chafeii Haweet

A new talent has joined the amazing ubidata team, welcome to Chafeii!

As a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in various technologies, Chafeii brings a wide range of experiences and a fresh perspective to ubidata.

His role as a developer involves designing and implementing server-side infrastructure to support ubidata software applications and services, ensuring they are robust, secure and scalable.

His responsibilities include :

  • Collaborating with other developers, designers and stakeholders to understand business requirements and ensure that the back-end systems support the overall goals of the company

  • Writing clean, efficient, and well documented code for .NET projects

  • Managing and optimizing databasers uses SQL and related technologies

  • Developing and implementing security measures to project sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry standards

  • Troubleshooting and debugging issues with existing systems and implementing fixes as needed

  • Monitoring system performance and identifying opportunities for improvement

  • Collaborating with the team to develop and implement best practices in software development tasks

Chafeii is a is a motorcycle fanatic and has a passion for mechanics and loves driving his motorcycle.

He is curious of life and is continuously learning new things.

This applies whether it's reading technical books, experimenting on his own bike or seeking new challenges at work.

"I find that the same sense of accomplishment that comes from a successful repair or ride also comes from designing, developing, and maintaining robust, secure, and scalable systems".


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