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Meet with Jérémie Vincke

Jérémie joins us this December.

With 10 years' experience in mobile application development and 4 years' expertise in Flutter, Jérémie is a valuable asset to the ubidata development team.

His in-depth knowledge of mobile technologies will play a crucial role in improving the user experience and performance of our applications.

Jérémie's experience in Flutter will be instrumental in streamlining our cross-platform development process, ensuring efficient and consistent application delivery across different devices.

I'm obviously passionate about technology (like many team members I imagine 🙂 ). I'm also very interested in 3D printing.
Outside the professional sphere, I'm interested in subjects such as construction/renovation, and I'm particularly sensitive to environmental issues.
As far as sport is concerned, I've been practicing Body Attack for 7 years in a club, which is a cardio-oriented group class (HIIT).

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