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T.S.Lux and Ubidata, SME's that listen

T.S.Lux is a family-owned transport company that is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year!

Ubidata has been collaborating with T.S.Lux for many years and has witnessed its growth.

A close collaboration with its management, its IT department and the different dispatching departments has allowed an improvement of the internal processes and an improvement of the global efficiency.

Cédric Nadin, CEO, speaks of Ubidata in these terms:

"Ubidata is a company that provides the technology needed for a carrier in 2022 but also the service to make this technology evolve and be adapted to our business.
Made up of men and women who are easily accessible to move forward with projects, Ubidata is a bit like what we are at T.S.Lux to our clients: A small business that listens!"

A complete and scalable solution :

Telematics boxes allow the implementation of the ubiFLEET solution, with different types of sensors in order to follow the different assets of the company: vehicles, trailers, drivers.

Relay sensors allow to associate trailers to a tractor, to find trailers which would have been deposited on a parking lot.

A mass download of the tachograph allows for easy and convenient management of the drivers' driving data while respecting the legislation.

The ubiSMART mobile solution is entrusted to the care of the drivers in order to carry out their delivery rounds on time, to report in real time problems related to vehicles, trailers and handling equipment with photos to illustrate the words. The application also allows you to track all data related to parcel deliveries (proof of delivery, barcodes,...)

ubiCHAT is used to communicate with the drivers.

ubiCHECK is used to prepare vehicle repairs even before they return to the depot.

The central node of all these data, ubiTT is permanently open on the screens of the dispatchers in order to follow in real time the routes and to be notified of any anomaly as soon as it occurs.

An intelligent alert system allows the dispatchers to be proactive and to think of the best way to react before the problem becomes too big.

In addition, delivery information is set to music to create proof of delivery reports, the first step to the eventual implementation of ubiDOCS, when the authorities will impose digital CMR between the different actors of an international road transport.

And to be complete, a permanent exchange of data takes place between the IT systems of the two companies.

Ubidata collects the delivery routes and sends the completion of the operations to third party software such as the TMS.

A WIN-WIN relationship :

A cordial and constructive exchange between the teams allows each one to grow in its field. T.S.Lux allows Ubidata to better understand the constraints of the business and to focus on the important points in the implementation of IT solutions.

Ubidata brings proposals for tools to improve processes, helps to implement a cross-docks follow-up, develops a tool for the digitization of paper documents in compliance with European laws in collaboration with the people on the ground.

Would you like to know more?

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