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Our solutions

data at the service of your business

Your data is the heart of your business.

We take care of putting them at the service of your activities, so that you can concentrate on the important business decisions.

ubidata supports you in

generating data

and transforming it into information,


and ultimately intelligence.

Make your data accessible and digestible!

Relax and let your data  do more for you

We manage your data

so you can achieve your goals

Choose the data you want to follow

Connect data from any source

ubidata connects all your data sources to give you a 360° view and 100% transparency of your fleet operational ecosystem. 


Third party software


Mobile app


On-board telematics



Not equipped yet? 
Don't worry, we provide you with connected and autonomous telematics boxes as well as robust PDAs. 


IT tools

Any computer tool! 


Relate the data to your assets

Regardless of how you've defined your fleet and how many assets you want to track...we've got it all covered to make it easier to interpret the data and provide tools for quick decision-making .


Access easily all your data

With all your data connected and easily accessible in one place, you can track multiple systems at once and uncover actionable insights that help you create a safer, healthier, and more profitable fleet.


on your computer connected to the internet -SaaS solution

in your IT environment -BYO analytics environment

on your mobile devices

(Android & iOS)

Interpret your data

our team brings together industry and transportation expertise to build interpretive tools to ensure...

Goods Tracking
Full supply chain traceability
Cold chain monitoring
Safety and training of your drivers
Theft prevention
Fuel consumption control

Total quality management / complaint handling
Process Automation
Proactive problem solving
Quick and easy responses during audits
Proactive equipment monitoring

improved efficiency

customer satisfaction

facilitated audits

transparent processes

cost and time savings

Visualize your data

according to your needs, whether you are in operations or strategy, we compile your data in a usable form

Real-time data

your data is directly accessible and is reinforced by a system of smart alerts

Data analysis

We use BI tools to convert your DATA into decision tools tailored to your needs.

Share your data

  your reports are sent to your employees, proof of delivery to your customers, quality sheets with your auditors... manually or automatically

your manager

other departments

your collaborators

third parties

your customers

your drivers

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