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Ubidata develops and markets mobile telematics and logistics solutions. We support our clients in the geolocation of their assets (trucks, drivers, containers, wagons and multimodal transport).

We have acquired solid experience in the food, pharmaceutical and goods distribution sectors that use road, rail and multimodal transport.

We are proud to count many large European companies among our clients.

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our history


our team


our clients

Our history

It all started with an idea and a comfortable old leather sofa...

The idea was simple. It was to use IT expertise to start building better solutions for the logistics business. That’s why Ubidata was founded in 2003 with an aim to provide quality IT solutions to directly address client needs within an innovative framework. In the beginning, as with many technology start-ups, it wasn’t all smooth ‘driving’. But Ubidata continued to produce quality work with the same high level of service it still boasts of today. And this is where the trusty sofa comes into the story. Along the way the sofa has been sat on, discussed upon, met on and when the deadline was tight, slept on. It’s through this customer oriented approach that we have grown and now claim clients such as Jost, Delhaize, Van Marcke, CFL Cargo and Samskip to name a few. We are based in Brussels with room to accommodate our planned growth and have a magnificent view. And we still have the sofa…


The people who make ubidata!

We are a team of developers, designers, customer service managers, logistics and on-board telematics professionals, passionate about code and dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers!

Our clients

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