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"ubidata is a company that provides the technology necessary for a carrier in 2022 but also the service for this technology to evolve and be adapted to our business"

Cédric Nadin - CEO - T.S. Lux

Why is our technology better?
The right information, at the right time

They trust us:


Connecting people, building data

We specialize in mobile logistics solutions to help our customers work more efficiently and comply with industry standards.

Our partners

We work with a network of trusted vendors and technology partners to bring the best technologies to our customers

Ubidata develops and markets mobile telematics and logistics solutions. We support our customers in the geolocation of containers, wagons and multimodal transport.
We have acquired solid experience in the food, pharmaceutical and goods distribution sectors that use road or multimodal transport. 

We have entered the era of “ big data ”. Today, advances in technology can give you a competitive edge by streamlining your operations with data captured from your transportation. The amount of data generated can be difficult to manage if not handled properly. That's where ubidatintervenes.

Our business intelligence solutions allow you to streamline your activities at a day-to-day operational level and plan them effectively at a strategic level.


We help you to be efficient and professional  by compiling data from tachographs and motors via FMS / CANBUS connectivity. We actively seek to reduce your costs and reduce your ecological footprint.


ubidata has developed innovative solutions such as the geolocation of trailers in environments without a constant source of energy or management by exception of logistics processes.

Our approach is open and inclusive. It allows you to use data from various third parties, as well as other track and trace systems. In this way, we bring you a modular and open solution to help you make the right decisions.


Our goal is to improve your performance and improve the quality of your services...

Our motto is: “The right information in the right place at the right time”.

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