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Delhaize doubles their traceability with Ubidata’s trailer track and trace solution

Delhaize tracks deliveries and fleet with Ubidata

To be able to offer consumers a comprehensive, ultra-fresh range, Delhaize’s logistics chain needs to be transparent and flexible. Delhaize uses ubidata’s trailer track and trace solution for real-time monitoring of store deliveries as well as the return process of pallets, roll containers and other packaging to the distribution center.

The drivers use their PDA to log onto the Ubidata system so they can sign in and receive a transport order. All goods are scanned on delivery, while any returning pallets and packaging are registered as well. This allows for real-time tracking of goods delivery from the distribution center to the store, and gives the retailer conclusive proof of delivery (POD). With Delhaize now possessing a clear view of the exact delivery times, it can see at a glance whether planning projections and service levels have been respected.

A clear view of deliveries and trailers

Ubidata’s trailer track and trace system allows Delhaize to track all of its 700 trailers at any time. The solution also uses temperature and cold chain telematics to register the temperature on fresh food transports, the fuel level and various other technical parameters of the cooling units, as well as any opening of the trailer doors. To allow drivers to perform their tasks – and night-time deliveries particularly – in safe conditions, Ubidata added specific functionality to the system, which now effectively controls the stores’ outdoor lighting.

Time and efficiency gains

All data registered about the transports is easily accessible via three web applications using Ubidata’s telematics and mobile logistics functionality. "The system integrates seamlessly with our specific needs. Apart from the benefits offered by real-time monitoring of our deliveries and trailers, the increased transparency in the communication with our transport partners is proving an important plus. The PDA allows us to communicate with our planners and monitor their performance much more efficiently. The solution has enabled us to win an efficiency battle which deliver the goods every day, both literally and figuratively”, concludes Philippe Moine, Transport Planning & Invoicing Manager at Delhaize.

With its trailer track and trace Ubidata guarantee:

• Real-time tracking of goods and trailers

• Real-time monitoring of service levels

• Transparency in the communication with transport partners

• Proof of delivery

• Time gains

• Telematics and mobile logistics in a flexible and user friendly software

• Integration with WMS and transport software


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