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Ubidata is specialized in providing IT solutions for transport and logistics.

Thanks to us, you manage and optimise your fleet and your shipment delivery processes.

From data capture to relevant information!

We handle all the data chain, transforming millions of data from sensors into actionnable information for our clients, managing both real time, operational information and statistic ones to optimise your process.

Ubidata has a long experience all along the chain:

- data capture : we have been dealing with devices for unpowered environments since 15 years!

- data treatment : we help you managing your process by exception: the system detects deviation to your expected processes.

More specifically in the rail environment, we provide:

- wagon tracking & fleet management

- train composition solution (coupling/uncoupling, positions,...)

Need to improve the tracking and tracing of your assets? Or you have a project to discuss? Let's talk together!

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ubiWagon fleet and operations management

Freight wagon fleet management (from data capture to information provision)

Modular solution :

- very long lifetime autonomous devices to capture data (14 years experience in autonomous devices)

- BI solution to transform data into relevant information

-> asset management: wagon location, fleet optimisation, ...

-> operations optimisation: automated planning follow-up, exception based tracking,...

Make your fleet as optimized as trucks ones!


Track your passengers train composition in real time to improve your service quality to passengers and optimise your operations.

The solution includes devices to capture data in real time (coupling/uncoupling, position, speed,...), and data streaming to the train operator systems.

All events (like coupling/uncoupling) are immediately identified and notified.

The train composition, including the position of each railcoach, is precisely known at each moment, without any human intervention. This allows for a better operations and asset management but also to announce the right train composition when arriving in station, including the location of specific coaches (bikes, broader doors for disable people, first class,...). This has a positive impact to reduce time in stations and improve respect of schedule.

ubiSMART for intelligent logistics

ubiSMART is a solution allowing you to track your shipment from loading to delivery to the end client.

It encompasses a mobile application, the back-end treatment of the data and the user interface to visualise all relevant information. It can interact with other systems through APIs.

The solution is modular and include shipment scanning, packaging management, e-documents (consignment notes,...).

it can be used by your own personnel but also by your sub-contractors allowing you to get consistent information whatever your pattern of operations.

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