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ubiCHECK - Digital Checklist

Discover our inspection tool: ubiCHECK.

Although we have moved to the digital age, many fleets continue to rely on paper-based inspection checklists. Unlike paper, electronic inspection reports are accessible anytime, anywhere.

ubiCHECK, a module of our ubiSMART mobile application, offers you the freedom to create inspections lists tailored to your needs, adapt them over time and share them real time with your drivers to be completed at various points in the transport operation:

  • Before transport starts

  • During transport in case of defect or accident

  • At the end of transport

Drivers can enrich their reports with several pictures illustrating the problematic situation.

These pictures are accessible real-time on the ubiTT web platform.

ubiCHECK empowers you to proactively address defects and prevent accidents before they occur, and improves your efficiency by decreasing maintenance down time.

Ubidata alert system warns you in real-time via SMS, alert report on the web interface, or an email when an anomaly is reported.

A specific issue management tool helps you to add comments, assign people for handling the problem, share reports and draw KPI’s.

ubiCHECK helps you to react quickly, efficiently and optimize your operations.

Build a smarter supply chain with ubidata!


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