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Monitor in real-time your cold chain

In the high-stakes worlds of food and pharmaceutical industries any compromises in cold chain control during transit of perishables can have severe consequences: contamination, spoilage or quality deterioration due to improper handling, temperature fluctuations or extended delays during transportation can result in financial losses for producers, suppliers, distributors, retailers or every parties involved in the supply chain.

It can also damage reputation: consumer confidence in brands or products may decline, leading to decrease sales and to impact companies’ image.

To mitigate these consequences, it is crucial to adhere to proper protocols, maintain appropriate temperature control and follow best practices for transportation and storage throughout the supply chain.

Use innovative data technology solutions to track and manage perishables transportation to:

- Avoid loss of goods by monitoring cold chain and tracking transport

- Provide quality insurance by complying with standards and ensuring goods traceability

- Deliver on time

By leveraging our global solution, specially designed for the transport industry and including hardware (optional) and software, you can integrate a range of features that offer you a unique and comprehensive solution to ensure safety during transportation of food or medicines.

  • Control cold chain by monitoring temperature: Our telematic solution enables real-time temperature monitoring of refrigerated vehicles or containers, ensuring that perishable goods are maintained within the optimal temperature range. Alerts and notifications can be set up to immediately address any deviations, preventing potential spoilage, maintaining goods safety standards and ensuring you can take prompt corrective action and minimize losses. Our temperature sensors can be calibrated for more safety. You can also analyze our reports a posteriori for quality insurance.

  • Geolocalize and track fleet and assets: With advanced GPS tracking, our software provides end-to-end visibility of the entire transport process. This allows for precise tracking of shipments, making it easier to identify any potential issues or delays, ensuring that the products reach their destination safely and on time.

  • Ease goods traceability to ensure quality insurance: Our mobile applications facilitate the effective tracking of barcodes from loading to last-mile delivery, ensuring optimized traceability of goods and quality insurance in the processes. You can also track returnable packaging, digitalize your transport documents and streamline the deployment of delivery schedules.

  • Deliver on time: Our applications also provide functionalities that reduce delivery times and related costs: managing drivers' delivery schedules, goods arrivals and departures, and the roadworthiness of vehicles all facilitate administrative procedures and allow you to optimize delivery times.

  • Centralize in a unique web platform: Our software provides you with complete real-time visibility of your entire fleet and goods deliveries. You will be alerted to any anomalies and receive detailed analysis reports. This allows you to benefit from efficient quality insurance data.

  • Get notified for any exception to your standard processes so that your operational people can focus on what really requires attention.

Contribute to a smarter and more secure supply chain with ubidata!


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