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Ubidata is accredited as the main provider of the e-CMR protocol for the BENELUX

The electronic consignment note (e-CMR) is an important innovation in the supply chain: certain operations are digitized, administration costs are reduced and administration is streamlined by eliminating paper transactions.

This e-governance solution also contributes to more accurate data, faster invoicing and better tracking of goods and assets throughout the supply chain.

Ubidata is one of the six original suppliers that won the tender for the creation and management of a digital CMR transport document.

As a result, the company is now a fully accredited supplier of the e-CMR protocol in the government-supported pilot project.

The e-CMR will enable transport companies to encode their data, record their logistics information and exchange data electronically and in real time via a smartphone or tablet. The result is a more transparent supply chain and this solution is in line with a fully computerized management. It is also a more secure solution that facilitates the tracking of goods by reducing the number of errors in the identification and authentication of signatures.

Paul Havelange, CEO of Ubidata: "We are very pleased to be one of the six companies involved in the e-CMR pilot project in Belgium. We are therefore convinced that it will offer a huge competitive advantage to our customers, who will be able to comply more easily with governance and compliance guidelines. Furthermore, it fits perfectly with UbiSMART, our existing smartphone solution, and can be integrated into our telematics and traceability software suite. In short, it is an absolute added value to our overall service offering to our customers."

The e-CMR will be implemented in several European countries, including the Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. The final goal is to implement it in 53 countries.

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